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Suzuki Cultus VXL 2024 Bank Alfalah 3 Years instalment plan

Suzuki Cultus VXL 2024 Bank Alfalah 3 Years instalment plan

Suzuki Cultis, VXL 2024 bank, Al Falha

three year instalment, plan

How much will Suzuki Cults 2024 cost in 3 year installments from New Bank Al Falah?
Alfalah Auto Loan Calculator

Repayment Schedule Calculator

Upfront Charges
Car Price (Rs.)4,084,000
Down Payment/Margin (Rs.)1,633,600 (40%)
Bank Alfalah Participation2,450,400
Tenure3 Year
Payment NumberEqual Monthly InstalmentPrincipalInterestBalance
1 Month99,13345,40853,7252,404,992
2 Month99,13346,40452,7292,358,588
3 Month99,13347,42151,7122,311,167
4 Month99,13348,46150,6722,262,706
5 Month99,13349,52349,6102,213,183
6 Month99,13350,60948,5242,162,574
7 Month99,13351,71947,4142,110,855
8 Month99,13352,85346,2802,058,002
9 Month99,13354,01245,1222,003,990
10 Month99,13355,19643,9371,948,794
11 Month99,13356,40642,7271,892,388
12 Month99,13357,64341,4911,834,745
13 Month99,13358,90640,2271,775,839
14 Month99,13360,19838,9351,715,641
15 Month99,13361,51837,6151,654,123
16 Month99,13362,86736,2671,591,256
17 Month99,13364,24534,8881,527,011
18 Month99,13365,65333,4801,461,358
19 Month99,13367,09332,0401,394,265
20 Month99,13368,56430,5691,325,701
21 Month99,13370,06729,0661,255,634
22 Month99,13371,60327,5301,184,031
23 Month99,13373,17325,9601,110,858
24 Month99,13374,77824,3561,036,080
25 Month99,13376,41722,716959,663
26 Month99,13378,09321,041881,570
27 Month99,13379,80519,328801,765
28 Month99,13381,55517,579720,210
29 Month99,13383,34315,791636,867
30 Month99,13385,17013,963551,697
31 Month99,13387,03712,096464,660
32 Month99,13388,94610,188375,714
33 Month99,13390,8968,238284,818
34 Month99,13392,8896,245191,929
35 Month99,13394,9254,20897,004
36 Month99,13397,0062,127-2

*Terms & Conditions applyBack to

Calculations are exclusive of Insurance charges.
Monthly instalment is tentative and subject to change.
KIBOR rate (One Year) on the first day of the month will be applicable and will be revised on loan anniversary.
Cases will be processed subject to satisfaction of Debt Burden Ratio (DBR) (as per Prudential Regulation’s- State Bank of Pakistan), Bank’s internal credit policy and due diligence checks.
Processing Fee and all other charges will be applicable as per Banks Schedule of Charges.
For Salaried Individuals, minimum gross income requirement is PKR 30,000 for business Individuals minimum monthly gross income requirement is PKR. 100,000 and for Self Employed Professionals minimum monthly gross income requirement is PKR. 50,000

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