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Bank Al Falah Auto Loan Plan 2023 Full Borrowing Policy on Suzuki Alto VXR Installments

Bank Al Falah Auto Loan Plan 2023 Full Borrowing Policy on Suzuki Alto VXR Installments

Bank Al Falah Auto Loan Plan 2023 Full Borrowing Policy on Suzuki Alto VXR Installments

Suzuki Alto VXR New 2023 from Bank Al Falah How much will it cost in 5 year installments How much will Bank Al Falah take for Suzuki Alto advance amount How much will be the monthly installment How much markup does Bank Al Falah take on Suzuki Alto?Complete details of Suzuki Alto VXR installments with 30% down payment from Bank Al Falah

Suzuki Alto vxr 2023 price

Alto VXRPKR 2,612,000/

Alfalah Auto Loan Calculator

Repayment Schedule Calculator

Upfront Charges
Car Price (Rs.)2,612,000
Down Payment/Margin (Rs.)783,600 (30%)
Bank Alfalah Participation1,828,400
Tenure5 Year
Payment NumberEqual Monthly InstalmentPrincipalInterestBalance
1 Month55,62314,77440,8501,813,626
2 Month55,62315,10440,5191,798,522
3 Month55,62315,44140,1821,783,081
4 Month55,62315,78639,8371,767,295
5 Month55,62316,13939,4841,751,156
6 Month55,62316,50039,1241,734,656
7 Month55,62316,86838,7551,717,788
8 Month55,62317,24538,3781,700,543
9 Month55,62317,63037,9931,682,913
10 Month55,62318,02437,5991,664,889
11 Month55,62318,42737,1961,646,462
12 Month55,62318,83936,7851,627,623
13 Month55,62319,26036,3641,608,363
14 Month55,62319,69035,9341,588,673
15 Month55,62320,13035,4941,568,543
16 Month55,62320,57935,0441,547,964
17 Month55,62321,03934,5841,526,925
18 Month55,62321,50934,1141,505,416
19 Month55,62321,99033,6331,483,426
20 Month55,62322,48133,1421,460,945
21 Month55,62322,98332,6401,437,962
22 Month55,62323,49732,1261,414,465
23 Month55,62324,02231,6011,390,443
24 Month55,62324,55931,0651,365,884
25 Month55,62325,10730,5161,340,777
26 Month55,62325,66829,9551,315,109
27 Month55,62326,24229,3821,288,867
28 Month55,62326,82828,7951,262,039
29 Month55,62327,42728,1961,234,612
30 Month55,62328,04027,5831,206,572
31 Month55,62328,66726,9571,177,905
32 Month55,62329,30726,3161,148,598
33 Month55,62329,96225,6621,118,636
34 Month55,62330,63124,9921,088,005
35 Month55,62331,31624,3081,056,689
36 Month55,62332,01523,6081,024,674
37 Month55,62332,73022,893991,944
38 Month55,62333,46222,162958,482
39 Month55,62334,20921,414924,273
40 Month55,62334,97420,650889,299
41 Month55,62335,75519,868853,544
42 Month55,62336,55419,070816,990
43 Month55,62337,37018,253779,620
44 Month55,62338,20517,418741,415
45 Month55,62339,05916,564702,356
46 Month55,62339,93215,692662,424
47 Month55,62340,82414,800621,600
48 Month55,62341,73613,888579,864
49 Month55,62342,66812,955537,196
50 Month55,62343,62112,002493,575
51 Month55,62344,59611,027448,979
52 Month55,62345,59210,031403,387
53 Month55,62346,6119,012356,776
54 Month55,62347,6527,971309,124
55 Month55,62348,7176,906260,407
56 Month55,62349,8055,818210,602
57 Month55,62350,9184,705159,684
58 Month55,62352,0563,568107,628
59 Month55,62353,2192,40554,409
60 Month55,62354,4081,2161

Calculations are exclusive of Insurance charges.
Monthly instalment is tentative and subject to change.
KIBOR rate (One Year) on the first day of the month will be applicable and will be revised on loan anniversary.
Cases will be processed subject to satisfaction of Debt Burden Ratio (DBR) (as per Prudential Regulation’s- State Bank of Pakistan), Bank’s internal credit policy and due diligence checks.
Processing Fee and all other charges will be applicable as per Banks Schedule of Charges.
For Salaried Individuals, minimum income requirement is PKR 25,000 and for business Individuals minimum monthly income  is PKR. 50,000.

  • You are a Pakistani National residing in a city where Bank Alfalah operates its branches

You meet the following age criteria:

Salaried Individuals:

  • Minimum 21 years to 65 years at the of loan maturity for Private Sector Employees and 60 Years for Government Sector Employees

Self- Employed/Other

  • Minimum 21 year to 70 years at the time of loan maturity

You should have income from any of the following sources:

  • Employment (Permanent/Contractual)
  • Business (Partnership/Proprietorship)
  • Co-Borrower’s Income (Clubbing of Income)
  • Rental Income
  • Agricultural Income
  • Remittances from Abroad

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