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Kia Lucky Motors has increased the prices of all vehicles Kia All Cars 2023 Price In Pakistan

Kia Lucky Motors has increased the prices of all vehicles Kia All Cars 2023 Price In Pakistan

kia Lucky Motors Pakistan increased the prices of all its vehicles۔Has Motors increased the prices of cars

kia picanto . kia Stonic kia sportage kia sorento And Kia Grand carnival

Kia Lucky Motors has increased the prices of all vehicles Kia All Cars 2023 Price In Pakistan

Kia Picanto 2023 MT Price

Kia Picanto 2023 AT Price

Kia Stonic EX 2023 Price

Kia Stonic EX Plus 2023 Price

Kia Sportage Alpha 2023 Price

Kia Sportage FWD 2023 Price

Kia Sportage AWD 2023 Price

Kia Sorento 2.4L AWD 2023 Price

Kia Sorento 3.5L FWD 2023 Price

The prices quoted to you were factory prices

Lucky Motor Corporator Limited Bin Qasim Industrial Park (SEZ), Pakistan Steel Mills, Bin Qasirn Town, Karachi, Pakistan. U +92 111-115-625 W
Due to slnificant and unprecedented devaluation of PKR to USD during last coup e of days. t has become inev tab* for LMC to increase the current EX-Factory prices of al is veh cles. While the impact of devaluation of PKR to USD has been Immense, LMC being a customer centr c organization. has deeded not to pass full impact thereof to its valued customers. According y. therefore, a patio’ .mpact s be ng passed on to the customers whereas most of t is being absorbed by LMC.
Fol ow ng are the price revisions effective 31st ..anuary 2023:
Existing (PKR) Revised (PKR) Booking Terms Product Variant Ex-Factory ,ndt.chng CVT’ Ex-Factory including CVT. Booking Status Payment for Booking Picanto MT 3.100,00C 3.20C.000 Limited Stoci Full Payment Picanto AT 3.200.000 3,4.3.000 Full Payment ,tonic EX 4.545.000 4.80C.000 Full Payment tonic EX. 4.848.000 5.250.000 Full Payment Sportage Alpha 6.250 000 6.5C0.000 Full Payment Sportage FWD 6.750.000 7,000,C00 Full Payment Sportage AWC 7.250.000 7.650.000 Full Payment Sorento 241 FWD 7.800,000 8,40C.000 Full Payment orento 241 AWD 8.500.000 9.•00.000 Fi..II Payment Sorento 3 5L FWD 8,500.000 9.-00.CC0 Full Payment Carnival GLS EXEC • 2 399.00C 15,00C.0O3 Partial Payment
‘wherever applicable
Terms & Conditions: 1. Al customer orders which are Good to Go (GTG) as of 30th January 2023 in LMC system and ft, payment has been credited in LMC bank account as of 30th .;anuary 2023 wi I be de ivered at current Ex-Factory Price. 2. Al new customer orders booked in LMC system effective 31st January 2023 wil be del vered at rev sed Ex-Factory Price. 3. Ex-Factory pnces are exclusive of freight and insurance charges. 4. New / additional duties and taxes. If any. imposed by the Government and applicable at the time of delivery will be borne by the customer. 5. Pnce Lock on the revised pnces against fu I payment and ready delivery of stock applicable on a I new book rigs effective 31st January 2023. 6. Pnce Lock offer is for im ted time penod and LMC reserves the right to reverse the Price Lock anytime as It deems

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