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Regulatory duty on imported vehicles has been increased by 75%

Regulatory duty on imported vehicles has been increased by 75%

In order to control the worsening economic situation in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan had decided to ban imports, but the IMF asked to end the ban, so the government of Pakistan decided to end the ban on imported products and Increased regulatory duty on imported products including imported vehicles، The government has increased the regulatory duty on imported vehicles from 15% to 100% and this will have an impact on the prices of imported vehicles, according to a report.The regulatory duty on engines larger than 1000 cc has been increased to 100% from the earlier regulatory duty of 15%. The Federal Board of Revenue has issued SRO 1571(1) 2022 under which the increased rate of regulatory duty will be effective from 22 August 2022 to February 2023.

Due to the increase in regulatory duty, following advisory will affect the prices of imported vehicles in Pakistan


VehiclesCurrent Price
Crolla Cross Low Grade12,249,000
Crolla CrossPremium High Grade13,419,000
Crolla Cross Smart High Grade13,099,000
Prius s14,649,000
Rush G MT8,329,000
Rush G AT8,009,000
Toyota Camry High Gradr23,319,000


VehiclesCurrent Price
Jimmny 6,049,000


VehiclesCurrent Price
HS 1.5 T8,900,000
HS PHEV8,499,000
ZS 1.54,399,000
ZS EV LUXURY6,250,000


VehiclesCurrent Price
Carnival GLS10,199,000
Carnival GLS +12,599,000
Carnival Executive 12,600,000


VehiclesCurrent Price
IQMIQ GLS7.000.000
Staria 3.5 AT7,199,000
Staria 2.2D MT7,749,000
Staria 2.2D AT7,349,000
Staria GHS9,299,000
Santa Fe GLS 18,500,000


VehiclesCurrent Price
Honda CRV 2.0 AT10,700,000
Accord 1.5 VTEC Turbo15,599,000
Cc Category ModelOldNewDifference
Up To 800cc2019850,0002,014,3051,164,305
1301-1500cc Hybrid20192,107,1214,168,9602,061,839
1501-1600cc Hybrid20192,254,2234,365,9092,111,686
1601-1800cc Hybrid20193,039,0375,709,4672.616,430

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