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Suzuki Cultus VXL 2022 Askari Bank Plan on 5 years easy installments

Suzuki Cultus VXL 2022 Askari Bank Plan on 5 years easy installments


Suzuki Cults VXL 2022 New from Askari Bank Limited with 30% advance in 5 years How much will be the markup and monthly installments?

This is in reference to your inquiry for financing   We are pleased to quote our tentative terms and conditions as follows. Kindly note that these terms are Subject to Prudential Regulations, satisfactory report from Credit Information Bureau and Askari Bank Limited’s approval procedures.

Tentative Terms for Askari Bank Limited Vehicle Finance.

Asset Type Suzuki Cultus VXL 2022 11.50%
Asset Value Price 3,024,000
Lease Deposit Money        (Down Payment) 907,200 (30%)
Net Lease Amount (Financing Amount) 2,116,800
Lease Term (Years) 5
Insurance Plan (Comprehensive) 45,360 (1.50%
Rental Amount (Installment) 46,112
Lease Deposit Money907,200
Documentation Charges8,000
Federal Excise Duty at 16%1.280
Advance First Month’s Rental49,892
First Year’s Insurance Premium45,360
Total Down Payment1,011,732
No. of YearsNo. of RentalsRentals in RupeesInsurance in Rupees T.M.R  in Rupees 
First Year1246,1123,78047,892
Second Year1246,1123,78047,892
Third Year1246,1123,78047,892
Fourth Year1246,1123,78047,892
Fifth Year1146,1123,78046,112

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