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MG is testing 5 CBU units in Pakistan

MG is testing 5 CBU units in Pakistan

We are all familiar with the new car teasers released daily by Javed Afridi which is nothing more than a fun or just a teaser series. Users are happy to see the highlights of new vehicles in these tweets and their happiness is limited to tweets only because these vehicles do not cross the borders of Pakistan. But this time MG Pakistan has done something better. The company has imported CBU units of 5 MG vehicles for testing which are as follows

MG5 Sedan
MG6 Sedan
MG Marvel R EV

We have seen the teasers of MG5, MG6 and MG RX8 in the tweets by Javed Afridi.The imported vehicles include these three vehicles but also two more vehicles MG E-HS and MG Marvel.Both vehicles are electric.The MG E-HS is an electric crossover while the MG Marvel is an electric SUV.We are interested to know what are the results of testing these vehicles and which vehicle will be introduced in the Pakistani market.

See The MG 5 Cars

MG has introduced a wide range of vehicles globally,including hatchbacks,sedans,SUVs and electric vehicles.MG formally became part of the Pakistani auto industry late last year.Since then the company has introduced its three vehicles MG HS,MG ZS and MG ZS EV in Pakistan and so far the company has introduced only CBU units of these three vehicles and now that MG’s assembly plant in Pakistan is complete.So now CBU units of MG vehicles will also be seen soon.
After the launch of MG in Pakistan,consumers are waiting for cheaper MG vehicles as all the three vehicles introduced by the company belong to the premium class which are far beyond the reach of the average consumer. In February this year, MG Pakistan released a teaser of the MG3 hatchback and said that it would cost less than Rs 2 million. Consumers were happy to hear this for a moment,but so far there is no indication of when the car will arrive in Pakistan.This car is not even included in these 5 imported cars.

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