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Proton Company celebrates booking of 1000 units of Saga

Proton Company celebrates booking of 1000 units of Saga

As you all know and Proton Company is a well known company of Malaysia and recently I stepped in Pakistan and launched the first car SUV called Proton X70 and then a cheaper sedan in the category. The car launch called Proton Saga Proton Saga is said to be the cheapest sedan in Pakistan and if we compare the price of Proton Saga, then Suzuki Cultus and Kia Pecanto in Pakistan which was selling for 2 million plus and The arrival of Proton Saga has also affected their sales value and Proton Saga which is called the number one Malaysian car is very popular among Pakistani customers in terms of features and design because of its The price was reasonable and this success was rewarded to Proton Inn Company and in a very short time Proton Saga car is making its first milestone of selling one thousand unit. Last night the company shared great news on social media and called it Lahore Dealership. Described as an important development due to Mountain Automobile

Proton has achieved another momentous breakthrough. We are pleased to announce that 1,000 units have been successfully sold by our respective Lahore dealership, Momentum Automobiles! May the inspiring journey continue onwards.
ProtonPakistan #Lahore #MometumAutomobiles#zawarcar

The introduction of high quality and modern cars at affordable prices is Proton’s game plan for the Pakistani market. Proton X70 Proton are both contenders in their respective car segments. Both have modern shape and power bank features. The thing is that the company has tagged them with cheaper prices than them and made it feel like a location consumer.
However, selling 1000 readers means that Proton received 1000 bookings
Which is a great achievement of Proton Company in a short time and this achievement was celebrated by Proton Company.

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