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Toyota Pakistan is launching IMC New Corolla X 2021 at New Corolla X Features Price

Toyota Pakistan is launching IMC New Corolla X 2021 at New Corolla X Features Price

The Toyota Indus motor company IMC is graded upto to introduce a removpad look for its flagship the Toyota Corolla with the new Corolla x package that is expected to roll out out in January 2021 interestingly the car is the same 11th generation Corolla but with a a facelift and cosmetic Enhancements

The new Corolla x package for the 2021 model features new bumper and side skirts that are are intended to make the car a prayer more aggressive and to appeal to a larger audience however II the 20-20 Corolla facelift was more dignified in the bumper design will the new refresh Outlook seems to to be too noisy

The glossy black bumper grill in the centre clashes with the silver grill above and the all white bumper and might have looked it better if it had been all black the side skirts are arguably a welcome change but the look is board line ugly at the back the rear bumper extension future pay a diffuser but looks disharmonious and cheap turning what used to be a decent looking rare and into a Hodgepodge of nonsensical design choices

The car is likely to have the same feature as its 11th generation predecessor’s however som reports suggest that the the top of the range altis models will have parking sensor

this package will be available for boot the 1.6 and the 1.8 all test reports also suggest that the new model will have and all black interior with a passenger seat belt warning and an an electrochromic rear view mirror automaker will simulataneously commence bokking and Reveal the price for the Corolla soon

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