Sat. Jun 1st, 2019

toyota all cars 2019 price list in pakistan

toyota corolla xli 1.3 MT price 20.76000 filer tax 25000

xli 1.3 AT 21.51000 filer tax 25000

GLI 1.3 MT 23.31000 filer tax 25000

GLI 1.3 AT 24.06000 filer tax 25000

ALTIS 1.6 26.06000 filer tax 50000

ALTIS 1.8 MT 27.21000 filer tax 75000

ALTIS 1.8 GRANDE MT 28.96000 filer tax 75000

ALTIS 1.8 AT CVT 28.46000 filer tax 75000

ALTIS 1.8 AT GRANDE 30.31000 filer tax 75000

FORTUNER 4×4 AT SIGMA 4 PRICE 68.67000 filer tax 200000

FORTUNER 4X2 AT(2TR PETROL 64.37000 filer tax 200000


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